IAMP Fall Tour

The IAMP Fall Tour is generally held in August each year and is hosted by one or two operator members.  Besides seeing the plant, members have an opportunity to ask questions regarding remodeling, equipment, pricing, special features, the marketplace, etc.  The tour is held either as a stand alone tour or in conjunction with an event already planned at the host site.  Once again it is an opportunity to see fellow processors and discuss the needs and ideas of your business.

The tour may also include a seminar on a current issue facing the membership or even a tour of a meat industry supplier. The tour location is selected each spring at the annual convention, so there is plenty of time to mark your calendars to attend the Fall Tour before your busy season is in full gear. 

Watch the Summer and Fall IAMP Update newsletter each year for a tour itinerary, hotel accommodations and a map to the tour site. An IAMP board meeting follows the tour.

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