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Thank you for your interest in the Illinois Association of Meat Processors. You may submit your membership information here, but your membership will not be activated until payment is received. Please mail a check for $125 to IAMP, PO Box 25, Pearl City, IL 61062. You may also print a membership form, complete and mail with payment.

Paul Otten, IAMP President 2018-19, owns Wenneman Meat Company and has been a member of IAMP since approximately 1970. Paul states, “The knowledge and friendships our business has gained over the years is countless. The product show, educational seminars, plant tours, and trade show has been a huge help in the expansion and success of our company. Being part of the association in your day to day life seems to be a meaningless thing, but when you reflect on all the things you gain from IAMP, it’s huge. Just a simple technique, piece of equipment seen at a trade show, recipe or a new, innovative product, which all can make you and your business more successful. IAMP is a huge asset to everyone and I hope it continues to get stronger.”

If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact me at (815) 443-2492 or email

Dianne Handsaker, IAMP Executive Secretary


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